A Peek at a Luxury Resort Where Jennifer Lawrence and Honeymoon Husband are on Sumba

Jennifer Lawrence’s marriage to Cooke Maroney has captured the attention of many people. after holding a lavish wedding, the couple decided to go on their honeymoon. Indonesia is their destination to get through romantic days. Both are known to vacation on Sumba Island, East Nusa Tenggara.

During their stay in Sumba, Jennifer Lawrence and her husband were found to be staying at Nihi Sumba. The luxury resort is owned by businessman Chris Burch. In the resort area, there are 33 villas, luxurious forests, and huts in the form of tree houses.

                      (Photo source: @ nihisumba / Instagram)

A source said that the couple, who married on October 19, we’re staying at the resort owner’s private home.

“They ( Jennifer Lawrence and Cooke Maroney) stay in a place that has the title Mandaka. The lodging facility is a private home of the resort owner that can be rented. Some well-known celebrities have also stayed at Slaan, one of them is Christian Bale,” said the source as Okezone said quotation from Elle, Thursday (11/07/2019).

From the official resort website, it is said, Mandaka is a place to stay that is more than just a hotel room. Guests can experience memorable while spending the night there.

Starting from clean white sheets on the bed, typical canopies, handmade chocolates in the mini bar, and panoramic views of the ocean. All of that is said to make couples feel truly at home.

There are several types offered by villa Mandaka. Call it that has one bedroom, two floors with one bedroom, up to two bedrooms. The price offered is quite varied. Starting from USD 945 – USD 12,475 per night, equivalent to Rp13.2 million – Rp174 million. It is not known for sure which type of villa was chosen by Jennifer Lawrence and her husband.

One thing is for sure, they enjoy several activities offered by the resort. Jennifer Lawrence and Cooke are known to ride horses and visit Sumba villages near the resort.

In addition, the resort also offers fishing, kitesurfing, rowing, surfing, visits to the chocolate factory, and mountain biking. Guests who stay can also taste food in 3 restaurants with different menus, namely BBQ, rotisseries, sushi, and pizza. ( Source )

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