After 12 Years, King Diamond Will Release Another Album

An old heavy metal band from Denmark, King Diamond launched a brand-new single titled Masquerade of Madness. The song will be one of the songs on King Diamond’s first studio album for the last 12 years, namely The Institute.

The album, which was mixed by Andy La Rocque and King Diamond at Sonic Train Studios, Varberg, Sweden, will be released in 2020 through the Metal Blade Records label.

” Masquerade of Madness is one of the first King Diamond studio songs in a long time. This song will be displayed on the story of the concept of double-album horror in the future, the first part titled The Institute,” King Diamond said as quoted by the official Metal Blade Records website.

According to King Diamond, the song style in this album is a very classic King Diamond style with a limited amount of dynamics and compression in order to achieve vocals and instruments that sound very natural throughout the song.

“You will find a number of complex orchestras, including the typical choral work you usually hear from King Diamond, and the special thought processes that bring vocals back to the forefront,” said vocalist real name Kim Bendix Petersen (63 years).

King Diamond also told that he and Andy La Rocque are currently working on several different songs with great potential for the upcoming album. “We will continue this work when we return from our North American tour in December,” he continued.

King Diamond last released the album in 2007. One of the songs in the album titled Give Me Your Soul … Please, namely Never Ending Hill managed to penetrate the 2008 Grammy nominations for the Best Metal Performance category. At that time, Never Ending Hill competed with Final Six (Slayer), the winner, Nothing Left (As I Lay Dying), Aesthetics of Hate (Machine Head) and Redemption (Shadows Fall). ( Source )

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