Avengers: Endgame Prove Thanos Is Not the Strongest Villain in the MCU

Throughout the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), Thanos is known as the most powerful villain. However, not according to Screen Rant. Of the 23 MCU films that have aired over the past 11 years, Thanos is not the strongest villain in this franchise. There are still other figures who are stronger than Mad Titan. He is Hela, Thor’s brother. One indication why Hela is stronger than Thanos is a scene in Avengers: Endgame.

It should be noted, when Thor met Thanos in person at Avengers: Infinity War, he had just finished fighting against Hela, the Goddess of Death. Hela was Thor’s main enemy in Thor: Ragnarok and the biggest threat to the Lightning God until then. However, that almost changed when Thanos entered. Even so, Thor: Ragnarok gave the most fierce battle in Thor’s life with the emergence of Hela, Odin’s eldest son.

Hela’s challenge to Thor has so far surpassed previous enemies, including Loki, Malekith and Ultron. Hela easily threw Thor and destroyed one of the strongest weapons in the Marvel Universe, Mjolnir, aka Thor’s hammer. After being captured and brought to Sakaar, almost all parts of the film tells how Thor united the team to face Hela. Even after uniting the team, Thor still couldn’t defeat Hela. The only thing that can stop the powerful woman is Surtur, who after being resurrected, destroys Asgard and kills Hela.

Supposedly, Thanos was even stronger than Hela. He beat the Avengers with whatever he had in the final war of Avengers: Endgame and how he was able to push them all to their limits. However, his battle with Captain America made a statement about how his strength compared to Hela. Thanos beat Captain America with repeated attacks on Captain America’s shield.

Even though the shield was made from vibrarium, the sword was able to ravage it. However, this fact will surprise. On Thor: Ragnarok, the unarmed Hela can destroy Thor’s hammer just by holding it with his bare hands. Meanwhile, Thanos requires a pretty hard effort to destroy Captain America’s shield. What is clear, the two weapons were made from the strongest material.

Captain America’s shield is indeed made of vibrarium. However, its strength is not comparable to withuru metal, which is far more radiant than anything made by humans. So, if Hela is far stronger than Thanos, why does it take almost all the heroes in the MCU to cripple him when Hela is only challenged by a few super-strength characters? That’s because Thor made Hela paralyzed by using Surtur. That means, Thor technically never defeated Hela. In fact, he almost defeated Thanos in Infinity War. ( Source )

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