Back pain? Be Careful! Don’t take lightly !!

Back pain is pain that appears in the area of ​​the back or along the spine. The pain usually arises due to problems in the vertebrae with surrounding tissue, such as muscles, blood vessels, and nerves.

Back pain is actually a common problem experienced by the community. According to the data, 18% of Indonesians experience back pain. The number of sufferers more with age.

The wrong sleeping position can cause back pain. Imagine, if you sleep 8 hours per day, and for 8 hours you sleep in the wrong position. No wonder you feel pain when you wake up the next day.

Patients with back pain should choose the appropriate mattress so that the pain does not get worse. Here are tips on choosing the right

mattress: Mattresses must keep your spine aligned. This position makes the body load is ideally distributed, so you can sleep more soundly and no longer suffer pain.

Patients with back pain are advised to choose a mattress with a medium or hard level of violence. So, do not sleep on a mattress that is too soft, because it will make your bones curved position.

Also, pay attention to the sleeping position and the type of pillow you are using. Consult with your doctor about a sleeping position that suits your complaints and what kind of pillow is safe for you.

Take the time to choose the right mattress. You do not need to rush to choose a mattress. Now available mattresses for back therapy. Ask the seller for information as clearly as possible before deciding to buy a mattress. If possible, buy a mattress with a 30 to 100-day money-back guarantee. Who knows, the condition of your back does not match the mattress you just bought.

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