Barcelona Choose to Cut 50% Player Salary

Barcelona Choose to Cut
Barcelona squad’s salary cut. (Photo Source: Barcelona)

Barcelona took firm steps against its players. After it was difficult to find a middle ground, the club then decided to cut the salaries of all players by 50% instead of 70% as management wishes.

The desire of the Barcelonas management is in accordance with the scheme announced by the Spanish Government in the midst of an emergency situation. The scheme, named ERTE, requires a pay cut of 70% in the midst of the Corona Covid-19 virus outbreak.

Launching from The Sun, Friday (27/03/2020), here is the base of the problem begins. Instead of directly applying the rules, the Barcelonas Management chose to reach an agreement first with the squad members.

Of course, that rejected outright by the players. Lionel Messi and friends are reportedly only willing to accept a pay cut of 30%. President Josep Maria Bartomeu then forced to make another offer, namely a 50% salary cut.

Barcelona’s management immediately acted quickly by formalizing a salary cut of 50% for each player. This decided by a board of directors meeting held on Thursday, March 26, 2020, local time via teleconference.

Unfortunately, management’s decision seems to still get resistance from players. Barcelona reportedly asked FIFA and the European Club Association to smooth negotiations between the club and the players.

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