Blocking the Virus, Take Care of Body and Cleanliness of Goods!

Blocking the Virus
Eating nutritious foods can increase body immunity. Home appliances that can support the maintenance of good food nutrition to have. Photo Source: Doc. Beko.

The world is facing a global health threat caused by the spread of the Corona virus. Maintaining the health of the body and the environment and limiting activities outside the home are prevention efforts that are believed to help reduce the spread of the virus.

Viruses are microorganisms that only live if they have a host. At the time of finding its host, the virus will roam into the human body and damage body cells. This is where the body’s immunity is needed.

Immunity or the immune system acts as a barrier. That serves to hold the body from various viruses. If our immune system is good, the virus will remain in our body but it is dormant or asleep. To strengthen the body’s immunity, of course, we must discipline in terms of choosing intake, “said clinical nutrition specialist Dr. Diana F. Suganda, M. Kes, Sp.GK, through written statements.

Good intake continued Dr. Diana, not only comes from fruits and vegetables, but also protein. Protein is especially needed by people who want to boost the immune system. Consumption of vegetables and fruit (vitamins and minerals) is certainly needed, only to keep in mind is to maintain a balanced consumption of nutrients. For example, in one food dish, we must include carbohydrates, animal protein, vegetable protein, vitamins, and minerals.

In addition to fortifying the body through food, diligently washing hands, maintaining environmental hygiene, regular exercise. And adequate rest also plays an important role in preventing the spread of viruses and bacteria that are harmful to health.

Implementing a healthy lifestyle and maintaining hygiene needs to be done starting from yourself and in the smallest environment, namely the house. With the right household equipment, such as that of Beko, for example, this effort will feel easier and more enjoyable.

WHO and the Indonesian government:

WHO and the Indonesian government have issued a call to maintain health and hygiene. As well as advice to remain at home as an anticipatory measure to prevent the spread of the virus more widely. Beko believes, this preventive measure will more effective when supported by a variety of technologies that facilitate the community in implementing a healthier lifestyle. Said Ali Cagri Gonculer, Beko Indonesia’s Country General Manager.

Beko has at least five household devices that can help us maintain our health and cleanliness to fight the spread of viruses and bacteria at home. Following the review.

1. Fridge:

Fruits like kiwi, oranges, papaya, and vegetables like broccoli and spinach rich in vitamin C needed to maintain body immunity. Unfortunately, if not stored properly, these foods will easily wither or rot so that the content of vitamins and nutrients will be lost.

2. Vacuum Blender:

It helps maintain the immune system one of them by choosing snacks that are rich in vitamins, minerals, and protein. However, if it is wrong to process it, it is not uncommon for good ingredients to waste. The intended snack can be smoothies or juice.

Beko vacuum blender products come with vacuum technology that is able to prevent oxidation by removing air from the tube before the dozing process so that the vitamins and nutrients in vegetables and fruits maintain.

3. Washing Machine:

Apart from the inside, it is also important to maintain a healthy body. From the outside by routinely washing hands and cleaning yourself or bathing at least 2 times a day. Keep in mind, it turns out that the towels we use to dry our bodies every day offer the perfect environment for bacteria and other microorganisms to grow because of towels often moist, made from a warm and absorbent material, and hang in a dark bathroom.

Hygiene technology + with the certification of the Allergy UK Agency on the Beko washing machine is able to eliminate 99.9% of allergy factors in washing and helps eliminate bacteria from clothes and towels.

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