Brazilian man could be the first person to ‘cure’ himself of HIV

Brazilian man could be the first person to 'cure' himself of HIV
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A 34-year-old Brazilian man could be the first person to be ‘cured’ of HIV after receiving intensive experimental drug therapy, The Telegraph reports.

The man, who was diagnosed in 2012, is the first person to maintain remission of HIV in a long period of time after receiving intensive antiretroviral therapy. Along with him, four other patients received the same treatment, but without achieving these results.

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Heat and masks:

Masks and heatwave: how to face the high temperatures of July. The researchers, who released these results this week in a virtual conference of the International AIDS Society, say more analysis is still needed. Dr. Ricardo Díaz, from the University of Sao Paulo, is the one who has led the study of this case.

The man received standard antiretroviral treatment two months after his diagnosis. After that, he was enrolled in a clinical trial. And in which she received standard antiretrovirals as well as two other anti-HIV drugs. He also received nicotinamide, a type of vitamin B.

This vitamin fights against the part of the virus that infects cells. Causing it to self-destruct while activating the immune system. She received this therapy for one year, until March 2019. Since that date, she has been tested every 3 weeks. And, one year later, she continues to detect no viral load or antibodies.

For non-research experts like Sharon Lewin of the University of Melbourne. The fact that there are no antibodies is what would confirm the cure. However, it also points out that this is a single patient and that the results have been published as a case report and not as an academic study. So it cannot be calibrated how significant it is.

On other occasions, there have been reports of cured cases. In 2007, Timothy Brown, known as “the Berlin patient,” underwent a bone marrow transplant after which he has been disease-free for more than 10 years. Last year, Adam Castillejo was the second person to declare himself free of the virus after treatment with stem cells. If the case of this Brazilian man confirmed, it would be the first time that the virus has been eliminated in an adult without bone marrow or stem cell transplant.

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