China confirms four new cases of locally transmitted

China confirms four new cases of locally transmitted
A woman tested in Wuhan. (Reuters) Photo: Source.

The China Ministry of Health has confirmed this Thursday four new cases of coronavirus. All of them locally transmitted and in the province of Jilin so that the total positive balance in the Asian country has risen to 82,933. Also, the Chinese health authorities have not confirmed any death due to the coronavirus this Thursday, so the number of fatalities remains at 4,633 in the country.

Meanwhile, on Thursday, 14 patients discharged after recovering from the disease. The total number of recovered is, therefore, 78,209 people, but still, 91 patients are receiving treatment. Eleven of them, in addition, remain in serious condition.

The number of cases Corona Virus of China:

Regarding the number of cases imported from abroad, the Chinese Ministry of Health has reported a suspicious case in the city of Shanghai. Imported cases accounted for at 1,692. Of these, 16.46 have been discharged and 46 are hospitalized, seven in serious condition.

In addition, four people, all from outside China, suspected of suffering from the coronavirus. In this sense, 5,211 people who have had close contact with those affected are still under medical observation. While 509 have stopped being Thursday.

Finally, also this Thursday, the Chinese health authorities have recorded 11 asymptomatic new cases of COVID-19, including two imported from abroad. A total of 104 asymptomatic cases. Three of them of non-Chinese citizens have abandoned medical observation and 619, 35 from abroad, are still under observation for this reason.

On the other hand, Hong Kong has confirmed 1,051 infections. One more than the previous day. But maintains the death toll, which has not changed in weeks, at four. Meanwhile, Macao has 45 positives. In total, 1,009 patients in Hong Kong and 43 in Macao have been discharged after overcoming the coronavirus. ( Source )

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