EnBW starts development of 609MW Hohe See and Albatros seaward breeze cultivates in North Sea


Energie Baden-Wurttemberg (EnBW) has started construction of two offshore wind farms in the German North Sea – Hohe See and Albatros, which have a combined capacity of 609MW.

The Hohe See seaward breeze venture, of 497MW, is being manufactured 95km north of Borkum and 100km northwest of Helgoland, with the 112MW Albatros twist homestead to be built relatively nearby it.

The two German seaward breeze ranches are booked to be authorized before the finish of 2019, after which they will create near 2.5 billion kilowatt hours of energy every year. They will likewise help in balancing around 1.9 million tons of carbon dioxide from going into the air.

Set up together the new seaward breeze homesteads can meet the power utilization of all the private families in Bavaria’s capital Munich, said the German electric utility.

EnBW wants to introduce the establishments and the transformer station for Hohe See this year and furthermore lay out the links for it. One year from now, the Albatros seaward breeze homestead will have its breeze turbines and the transformer station introduced.

EnBW has given an agreement to Siemens Gamesa to supply and introduce 87 of its SWT-7.0-154 breeze turbines for the two breeze ranches and furthermore for the establishments and the transformer stage for Albatros. The Hohe See wind homestead will have 71 turbines while the littler Albatros wind ranch will have 16 turbines.

The German utility is hoping to convey 500 individuals at the development site in the ocean amid the pinnacle arrange. It additionally anticipates that 40 boats will be included amid the development organize.

While EnBW has a stake of 50.1% in the two seaward breeze ranches, Canadian vitality framework firm Enbridge holds the rest of the stake of 49.9%.

In February 2017, Enbridge purchased the 49.9% stake in the Hohe See seaward breeze cultivate for €1.8bn from EnBW. About four months after the fact, the Canadian vitality organization purchased right around a comparative stake in the Albatros seaward breeze cultivate, however the cost for which was not unveiled.


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