Enjoying the Twilight While Riding a Camel in the Australian Desert

Australia has a desert located in Birubi Beach, Anna Bay Port Stephens, New South Wales. The desert is used by local residents to attract the attention of local and foreign tourists. The facilities offered are also varied.

Camel riding
Deserts in Australia. ( Photo: Source )

Okezone had the opportunity to enjoy camel riding tours in the Birubi Beach desert. The desert is so wide with strong winds that are so fun to enjoy. The sensation of riding a camel is like being in the Middle East.

The package offered by Oakfield Ranch as a service provider riding a camel is so complete. The prima donnas are riding camels at sunset.

Visitors must go down the road to get to the desert. When he arrived in this area, the Pangang were busy taking selfies and saying that they were amazed because they had crossed the desert with camels. The wind blew hard, sand dust scattered, coupled with the heat of the sun added to the excitement.

To enjoy this camel riding facility in the desert, visitors must pay 80 AUD (equivalent to Rp775 thousand) for adults with 60 minutes of camel riding experience. This package is closed by going along the beach with the sound of waves. The setting of the setting sun adds even more solitude.

If it’s considered expensive, there is also a cheaper package, which is 30 AUD (equivalent to Rp.290 thousand). But in this package, we can only ride camels for 20 minutes down James Patterson Street. There is no sensation of enjoying the sunset while riding a camel in this facility.

Camel riding
Deserts in Australia ( Photo: Source )

For this cheaper facility, visitors must pay 30 AUD for adults and 25 AUD for children,” said Sanders, manager of Oakfield Ranch.

In addition to tourism needs, Oakfield Ranch also provides camels for advertising, Arabian night, festivals, carnival and film shooting needs. Camel riding is also an alternative entertainment when it comes to the Kangaroo Country.

Camel riding. ( Photo: Source )

Okezone had the opportunity to visit tourist destinations with the New South Wales Destination on a Singapore Airlines flight. Besides visiting Birubi Beach, Anna Bay Port Stephens, Okezone also went to the Australian Reptile Park. ( Source )

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