First Facial Cleanser with Kyoto Chamomile Extract

First Facial Cleanser with Kyoto
Senka released a product for acne-prone skin called Perfect Whip Acne Care, which is the first facial cleanser containing Kyoto Chamomile extract. Photos Source: Specials

Japanese facial cleanser brand, Senka, released a product for acne-prone skin entitled Senka Perfect Whip Acne Care. This is the first facial cleanser that contains Kyoto Chamomile extract.

Besides being beneficial for health, chamomile also has various benefits for beauty. Kyoto Chamomile Extract has benefits as an antibacterial and antioxidant, helping acne heal faster while preventing further skin damage.

Skin Specialist Dr. Eddy Karta Sp.KK, Ph.D. said, pimples and blackheads arise because the skin produces too much sebum. So that it clogs pores, accumulation of dirt and dead skin cells that also clog pores, the presence of acne bacteria on the skin, as well as the body’s immune response against infection with inflammatory reactions that cause acne.

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Skincare products:

For that, daily skincare products that needed are those that can clean skin from dirt and dead skin so that pore blockage does not occur, while keeping skin from irritation so oil production does not increase. Antibacterials and antioxidants needed to reduce the colony of germs that cause acne and reduce inflammatory reactions so that inflammation of the acne can be suppressed and does not leave post-acne hyperpigmentation scars, “explained Dr. Eddy through a written statement received by 7upnews.

Senka Perfect Whip Acne Care itself is a double-action product for acne-prone skin, able to clean and treat the skin. The content of salicylic acid can cleanse pores from dirt, excess oil, dead skin cells, and clean makeup thoroughly.

The content of White Cocoon Essence & Double Hyaluronic Acid which is Senka’s superior ingredients helps protect skin from unwanted dryness, making skin well-groomed and soft. As a skincare brand, we want to complement Indonesian women’s skincare products for any skin condition. So that they are confident in carrying out various activities with naturally beautiful, clean, and most faces. Said Senior Brand Manager of Senka Indonesia Fanny Aeni.

Senka Perfect Whip Acne Care also uses Micro Dense Foam. An innovation that is able to produce bigger, richer, and denser foam, to cleanse the face perfectly into the pores. Makes the face clean and moist.

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