Handwash Is Not Maximum, Corona Patients Increase

Handwash Is Not Maximum
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Patients who are positive for the COVID-19 coronavirus in Indonesia are still growing. A spokesperson for COVID-19 Case Achmad Yurianto said there were 109 positive cases added today. Thus, the total positive cases of COVID-19 are 1,155 people. Handwash is very essential for clean hands.

The addition of this case is evidence that the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus continues to occur in the community. Therefore, Yuri emphasized once again to the community to keep the distance between people 1 to 1.5 meters, both outdoors and indoors.

Yuri emphasized:

In addition, Yuri also emphasized to all Indonesian citizens to wash their hands more routinely. Because indirect transmission through the hands can actually infect.

Never be lazy to wash your hands, before and after eating, before and after drinking, do not hold the face, mouth, nose, and eyes if hands are dirty,” he stressed during a press conference at the Media Center for the Task Force for Handling Acceleration in COVID-19 in Jakarta, Saturday (28/03/2020).

Yuri also emphasized that washing hands with soap is more effective than using hand sanitizers. Therefore, an important key to preventing transmission of COVID-19 besides keeping a distance is hand washing.


There is no reason to use a hand sanitizer for handwash. You should wash your hands with running water and soap as regularly as possible before eating, before drinking, before handling your mouth, nose, and eyes. Transmission data explains that the most transmission occurs indirectly or through the hands,” Yuri added.

Meanwhile, overall, COVID-19 positive case data until Saturday (28/3) there were 1,155, with 59 people recovering, and 102 fatalities due to COVID-19.

Community Work:

The government asked the entire community to work together in overcoming the COVID-19 pandemic. We must work together, the government needs the active role of the community to be able to overcome this problem. Hopefully, we can deal with this difficult situation, concluded Yuri. ( Source )

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