How Orthokeratology Lens Works

Advances in technology have made it easier for humans in various aspects of life. For example by finding glasses and contact lenses can help people who have minus eyes, cylinders, or plus eyes can see normally.

Now there is a new method that:

Now there is a new method that is favored by the owner of the minus and cylindrical eye, the orthokeratology lens. According to eye and refractive surgeons, Dr. Tri Rahayu, SpM (K), FIACLE, orthokeratology lenses actually existed since a few years ago.

But first contact lens material can make the cornea lack of oxygen intake so that it can adversely affect the eye. In contrast to the present contact lens materials have hyper-oxygen transmissibility and high durability so as to allow the cornea of ​​the eye to still get oxygen intake properly.

“I’ve been using this latest lens for patients for the last 4 years or so. The number of enthusiasts is also high, I’ve served more than 200 pairs of eyes,” Dr. Tri said when meeting Okezone at an event in Jakarta, Wednesday, November 13, 2019.

How it works:

How it works Orthokeratology lens is mounted at night while sleeping. Closed eyes will press the lens to flatten the cornea. Flattening of the cornea flattens the cornea can make vision clear and minus temporarily disappear.

“Actually, the length of use of orthokeratology lenses depends on the minus they have. But on average it is effective if used for 8 hours,” said Dr. Tri.

But the doctor who is also the Chair of the JEC Contact Lens Service said, orthokeratology lenses can still be used in an open eye condition. For example, only 6 hours of sleep. With the remaining time of 2 hours, the lens can still be used in the eyes open.

“This does not mean that this lens must be worn when the eyes are closed. It can be used when the eyes are open, but the effect is not as good as when the eyes are closed. If you want, the time for opening the eyes is added,” said Dr. Tri.

The effect of removing the minus eye from the orthokeratology lens is temporary. The smaller the minus, the longer the effect can last, and vice versa.

For example the minus 0.75, 8 hours of use at night, the effect can last 2-3 days. Only on the second or third day, the lens is used again and so on. But if the minus above 3 must be used every night because the effect only lasts a day, “said Dr. Tri.

For your information, orthokeratology lenses can only be used for minus to 6 eyes and cylinders up to 2.5. Beyond that limit, surgery must be performed. Therefore, before making orthokeratology lenses the owner of the minus eye or cylinder must consult a doctor for examination. From the examination seen the size of the cornea and the length of the eyeball.

Contact lens. Photo Source

After being examined, orthokeratology lenses will be made to adjust the patient’s condition. Do not stop until getting the lens, the patient must also be diligent to see a doctor for monitoring. The examination is usually done in the first week, second week, second month, third month and sixth month.

Doctors will later see whether the leveling is as expected, whether the position of the lens at central night or not,” said Dr. Tri.

Meanwhile, the cost of an orthokeratology lens package is around Rp. 17 million. The lens can last 3-4 years as long as the treatment is right. Treatment is not much different from contact lenses in general.

Contact lens. Photo Source

The same is true, after being released from the eyes must be washed, rinsed using a special liquid. Then soaked in place using protein with enzymes,” concluded Dr. Tri. ( Source )


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