Irish Bella’s intimate kiss for Ammar Zoni Makes Netizens Destroy

Beautiful ARTISTS Irish Bella and Ammar Zoni seem to spit out the post-miscarriage affection experienced by the 23-year-old. Through the latest uploads on Instagram, Irish share intimate photos with her husband when being enjoying holiday moments together.

In the upload, Irish Bella appeared beautiful wearing green shades combined with matching hijab. He then seemed to kiss Ammar Zoni’s cheek tenderly while hugging the man who he loved so much.

                                             Photo Source: okezone

Ammar did not want to be outdone by his wife’s appearance. Despite appearing relaxed wearing a black shirt from the world-famous fashion house, Givenchy, Ammar’s face still looks handsome and charismatic.

Not only that, a sweet smile appeared on her lips when she realized that her beloved wife gave an intimate kiss on her cheek. This romantic moment instantly attracts the attention of netizens and their fans.

Plus Irish Bella and Ammar Zoni pose with a beautiful and charming backdrop of natural scenery. As a result, the romantic nuances and the warmth that they display from here is really so felt.

In the photo caption, Bella also inserted a bear emoji and heart sign, as a form of affection for her husband.

Until this news was written, intimate photos of Ammar Zoni and Irish Bella have received more than 206 thousand likes and flooded with thousands of netizen comments.

Hopefully this year mommy Irish is pregnant again so that the AISH house is full of crying baby and the laughter of AISH Junior. Amen,” wrote the bunda_andrew account. ( Source )

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