Karl Urban Finished Filming, The Boys Season 2 Series is Predicted to be Aired Soon

Acting Billy Butcher, Karl Urban announced that he had finished shooting. This can be a good sign for fans who ca n’t wait to watch “The Boys” in the second season.

On his Instagram account, Urban announced that he had just completed his role ration for the second season. There is no official information from Amazon about the airtime date for the new season, but CBR predicts that it is likely that the continuation of the series will air in the middle of next year.

Billy Butcher, the gang leader of The Boys, whose character is soft-hearted but likes to manipulate his friends so that his desire for revenge can be achieved. ( Photo Source: Amazon )

This prediction is in line with the series “The Boys” in the first season, which appeared in July 2019.

The process of shooting the second season has started since last August. Executive producer and actor Seth Rogen said the second season had a bigger budget than the first film.

In addition to higher production costs, new players have also emerged. Still from CBR, some time ago in Toronto, a promotional poster appeared from Vought (a fictional company that houses the superheroes in this series) that showed some new characters.

They include Soldier Boy, Cold Snap, Stacker, and Stormfront. In the comic, Soldier Boy is a figure who really wants to be in the group The Seven, aka the most elite group from Vought. The character is similar to Captain America.

While Cold Snap is a member of the G-Force, part of the G-Team, the most profitable group of superheroes in terms of business because of their branding as superheroes with a weak economic background, when in fact they were all rich people.

Whereas Stormfront is a racist white superhero character. This character will be played by Aya Cash.

“The Boys” is a dark comedy superhero series adapted from comics by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson.

The series captures The Boys gang, an anti-hero gang that challenges The Seven, a hypocritical superhero gang Vought formed a business machine to collect money by manipulating many people. ( Source )

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