Lenglet Praises A Lionel Messi’s Humility

Barcelona defender Clement Lenglet gave praise to his teammate Lionel Messi. Lenglet considers the Argentine passport player to have a humility that makes the star easy to get along with.

As a player who is said to be more junior than Messi, Lenglet actually feels like a friend when alone with La Pulga – nickname Messi. Although the figure of Messi is a world star class player, the Barcelona captain never showed a sense of pride.

Clement Lenglet. Photo Source: Reuters

He is the best player in the world. But I also greet friends in the dressing room. He always acts very simple every day so you will see it that way, “said Lenglet, quoting from Marca, Wednesday (11/13/2019).

Lenglet himself has joined Barcelona since the summer of 2018. Although classified as a new player, but the 24-year-old player enjoyed his time with Barcelona. Moreover, he is now one of Barcelona’s core players in defense.

This season, the French passport player has played 14 times with Barcelona in all competitions. Despite carrying out duties in the defense, but Lenglet also contributed to the sharpness of the front lines.

Noted from the 14 matches that have been undertaken, Lenglet has scored one goal and one assist. One Lenglet goal was scored when Barcelona faced Real Valladolid. While one assist was made when facing Eibar. ( Source )

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