Liverpool legend doesn’t like attitudes of Paul Pogba


attitudes of Paul Pogba
Paul (Photo: Premier League)

Liverpool legend Graeme Souness criticized the attitude of Manchester United player Paul Pogba in the match. Souness assessed Paul Pogba as always thinking of being a star in a match that sometimes disrupted Man United’s game.

In fact, the most important thing in the match is to play as a unit with the same vision and mission. If it is done well, even a small team will be hard to beat. Meanwhile, a big team will be destroyed if there is one player who is too individualistic.

Souness stated that she was taught to always work hard in matches. If you work hard then the results will follow after. That made Souness able to win three Champions League trophies and five English League trophies with Liverpool.

He (Paul Pogba) came out with one thought in his mind that is’ I will show everyone how smart I am today and be the star of the show, said Souness, adapted from Sportsmole, Sunday (29/03/2020).

My attitude, as has been taught, is to Go out and work harder than the person you are fighting and see where it takes you, he added.

Souness also regretted the attitude of Paul Pogba. Because Pogba has extraordinary capital to become a top player. What Pogba deserves to reduce is his individualistic attitude and more playing for the team. If Pogba can do it then Man United will be the most benefited party.

Pogba really has everything to become a top player, athletic body and super technique. However, his attitude to the game is the opposite of mine, he said.

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