Messi and Griezmann are building friendships

In recent times, Barcelona’s newer player, Antoine Griezmann is widely rumored to have an unharmonious relationship with the team captain, Lionel Messi. However, the issue was refuted by Barca defender Clement Lenglet.

Lenglet did not deny that Messi’s relationship with Griezmann was indeed not as familiar as with Luis Suarez. He understands this because Griezmann is a new member at Barca, while Suarez has long been friends with Messi. However, that does not mean Messi and Griezmann have a bad relationship.

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According to Lenglet, Griezmann’s current condition is the same as him when he first joined Barca. Because friendship can not be formed. It takes a process to be able to make close friends and at this time Messi and Griezmann are walking in that direction. What’s more, Messi is also open and willing to talk with everyone.

“The same thing that happened to me happened to Antoine. Messi has a strong nucleus around him, he is good friends with Luis Suarez, but he is very open and contact will occur over time. You can talk about many things with Messi, not only football, he helps us every day, “said Lenglet, quoting from Mirror, Friday (11/15/2019).

Furthermore, Lenglet also explained why Griezmann had not displayed a truly satisfying performance at Barca. According to him, this happened because Griezmann was not familiar with the Blaugrana playing style and needed time to adapt. Because the style of playing at Barca is very different from Atletico.

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It’s not easy to get your place in a club like Barca because there are many players who have as much experience as you. Barca has a very special style of play that is not familiar with Antoine. He needs time to adapt to feel the best in the field, “explained Lenglet. ( Source )

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