National Children’s Day, Tips to Overcome Children

Tips to Overcome Children
Tips for playing with children ( Photo: Source )

The process of playing has many positive impacts on a child’s growth and development process. However, there are times when children become too often to play until they forget the time. If this condition occurs, then the child will become dependent and do not want to carry out their obligations properly.

Chairperson of the Indonesian Clinical Psychology Association, Anna Surti Ariani, S.Psi, M.Si, said the participation of parents in managing children’s playtime very necessary. One way that parents can do is to make a play schedule that is right for their children.

Providing a schedule is very important. Usually, it will be much easier if we communicate this to children about play schedules. If there is a clear schedule and has been agreed upon, the child will know when to play, “said Anna in the show ‘#mainyuk from home with Paddle Pop’ Wednesday, July 22, 2020.

Furthermore, Anna said that the simplest playing time arrangement could be done by using a wall clock schedule. As the name suggests, parents can order their children to stop playing with the help of a long needle on the clock. This method will also shape the child to be more disciplined in playing.

I usually use a wall clock schedule. For example, saying if the needle is long to 12 then it must stop playing and do other activities. You can say they still allowed to play as long as they are still in the corridor, “he said.

Getting bored quickly, how to play with children effectively?:

Playing does have many positive benefits for a child’s growth and development process. But now not all parents know how to play effectively with children.

According to Anna Surti Ariani, sometimes the process of playing with children requires creative ideas from parents. Therefore the role of parents is very necessary for the process of growth and development of a child.

Sometimes when a child bored badly there is often no idea to play. When a parent gives an idea, the process is like putting something in the child’s head. But often they have lots of ideas but can’t express and express them, “Anna said.

Because it is very important for parents to listen and pay attention to every answer given by the child. By listening to answers from a child, ideas that have not been able to communicate properly will emerge so that the process of playing can be more effective.

In addition, children also feel heard and they will feel accepted by parents so the relationship even better. The game will be effective if we can bring out the ideas in the child’s head with a question and answer session from the child, “he concluded.

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