Prince William helped during the corona lockdown

Prince William helped during the corona

Prince William is now revealing how he, in a low-key manner and secretly, has been helping his people during Britain’s corona lockdown.

The 37-year-old future king launched in May last year in collaboration with his little brother, Prince Harry, and their wives chat line Shout.

With ‘Shout’, people struggling with mental health problems during the corona crisis have been able to get help by chatting with volunteer staff. And here Prince William has, quite anonymously, obviously been ready by the keys.

According to CNN, he says very briefly in a press release:

“I want to tell you a little secret. I actually volunteer on the platform. ”

According to CNN, the ‘Shout’ organization was realized with the help of DKK 25 million from the generous money tank.

Prince William supposed to have revealed his secret to the ‘Shout’ staff for the first time in a video call last month.

His wife, Duchess Kate, has also helped and chatted with people in self-isolation.

According to CNN, mental health has been high on Prince William’s agenda for the past few years.

In January, he cast a vote for a video urging millions of football fans to think about their mental health.

Last year, he touched on the topic as he spoke openly about his mother’s death in a BBC documentary. And in addition, in 2018, he launched the website Mental Health at Work. Which offers help to improve mental health at work.

During the corona lockdown, Prince William and his small family were at their Kensington Palace home in London. ( Source )

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