Ranikhet, Cheap Tours in India with Enchanting Nature

Uttarakhand has many destinations for tourists to explore and there are plenty of cheap tourist attractions here. Ranikhet is one of them.

Many travelers are looking for cheap tours in India and Ranikhet is a gem of a place so calm and beautiful that it can be visited.

While in Ranikhet, tourists are surrounded by misty mountains and long winding roads. So, if you want to experience something interesting on a low budget, Ranikhet is the perfect choice.

One of the best ways to explore this beauty in the state of Uttarakhand is to travel. From Delhi, you can drive to Ranikhet and only takes about 9 hours. The good news is that you can drive through Nainital so you can and enjoy nature and can take a boat on Lake Naini.

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Or you can also go to Jim Corbett National Park to enjoy the charm of its wild forests, and move to Ranikhet.

What to do in Ranikhet? This is what makes Ranikhet a frugal tourist destination. As is known, Ranikhet is an amazing small hill town in Uttarakhand, has several tourist attractions, and many temples.

You can go to Jhula Devi Temple, which is considered 700 years old. This place is open every day all week. On the other hand, Mankameshwar Temple is a temple that is managed by the Indian National Army and is very popular with tourists.

Then, there is the Haidakhan Balaji Temple which is above the Kumaon Uttarakhand mountain region and provides stellar views of the Nanda Devi Range. Meanwhile, the other most amazing sight is Shitlakhet, located just one hour from Ranikhet.

Ranikhet also has a golf course, Upat Kalika. This is a 9 hole golf course that allows tourists to have fun. Plus, there are also local nurseries in the area. ( Source )

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