Roger Federer Becomes Tsitsipas Inspiration in a Career in the Tennis World

2019 ATP Finals champion, Stefanos Tsitsipas, revealed his inspiration in a career in tennis. He admitted that he idolized Roger Federer. Besides Federer, he also mentioned the name of Pete Sampras as his inspiration.

For Federer, Tsitsipas’s admiration certainly arises because of the slick appearance that the Swiss tennis player continues to display. Because of the beauty of the career carved by Federer, he has collected 20 grand slam titles.

Tsitsipas himself was noted to have met Federer four times during his career in the tennis world. The latest meeting took place at the 2019 ATP Finals. Tsitsipas also successfully silenced Federer in the semifinals in straight sets with a score of 6-3 and 6-4.

Photo Source: OKEZONE

These results also make the record Tsitsipas meeting record is now a draw over Federer. Of the four meetings that have occurred, Tsitsipas managed to pick two wins over the 38-year-old tennis player. The victory also helped launch Tsitsipas’s steps to seal the title at the 2019 ATP Finals tournament.

As for Sampras, Tsitsipas also claimed to admire the skill of the player in action on the field. The tennis legend of the United States (US) of Greek descent was recorded successfully collecting 14 grand slam titles.

(The players I idolized are) Federer and Pete Sampras, who also have Greek grassroots. Both of these players have the best backhand. To me, they are a kind of inspiration. I hope more players play like them, said Tsitsipas, as quoted by Tennis World USA, Wednesday (11/20/2019). ( Source )

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