Sony Patent Makes Confusion, PlayStation 5 or PS5 Development Kit?

Sony’s patents circulating in cyberspace cause a lot of prejudice against new products from the world’s game manufacturers. The presumption, is the patent in the form of PlayStation 5 or Development Kit? The LetsGoDigital page also presents 3D renders to better visualize gaming devices.

The Phone Arena page reported, earlier this week, LetsGoDigital published an article that revealed an unknown electronic device from Sony. This is based on design patents that have been submitted by Japanese companies to patent agents in Brazil.

The patent only includes one image, so we can’t determine 100% whether it’s a game console. But shortly after publication, more patent photos were obtained showing the device from all sides. At the time it became clear that this device was most likely the Sony PS5 or Development Device.

                                         Photo Source: okezone

Shortly after publication, there was a lot of speculation on the internet. Some leading gaming sites began to report that this could be PlayStation 5. Not long after, game developer Matthew Stott through his tweet claimed this was the PS5 Dev Kit. It even states the company where he works already has many copies in the office.

Matthew Stott has worked at Codemasters as Senior “Artist” for more than 12 years, as his LinkedIn profile says. Codemasters is a developer of racing games. The introduction of the Sony PlayStation 5 is expected to be made within the next six months, in theory, Codemasters certainly already have access to the PS5 Development Kit.

Many people feel that the design is bad and therefore happy that the Dev Kit is generally very distorted in terms of design compared to game consoles that consumers can buy. But how does this design look like the final product?

LetsGoDigital decided to design a series of product rendering based on a patent sketch that was launched earlier this week. Render to get a better picture of patented products. As of now, this is the only design that actually comes from Sony itself which seems to have a connection with the PS5.

In addition, some believe the design does not resemble Kit Dev. The previous development kits from Sony all had a boring and rectangular design that was easy to stack.

Why did Sony develop the V-shaped Dev Kit? That does not make it easier to give all the components space. In addition, developers often need several test kits that can be stacked. With a V-shape like that, the design is not exactly easier and more stable.

The PlayStation

Console The new console will be many times stronger than the current PS4 (Pro). The game console is driven by an AMD Ryzen 8-core processor specifically adapted to the GPU and AMD Navi architecture that supports ray tracing.

This is a technology that simulates light to create complex interactions in a 3D environment. This is a function that until now can only be found in high-end gaming PCs.

The immediate benefits of ray scanning are mostly visual. Because it mimics the way light reflects from one object to another in a scene, reflective surfaces, and refraction through glass or liquid can be made much more accurate. This leads to an increase in the sense of realism in the game.

The AMD chip also enables 3D audio which should provide a completely new sound experience. There is only a slight difference between the PS3 and PS4 audio quality, this will definitely change greatly on the PS5.

Sony PS5 will also support games8K. But it is uncertain whether they will use top-class techniques. One of the most important innovations is SSD (Solid State Drive). The game console currently has an HDD (Hard Disk Drive).

By using SSDs, loading times up to 19x shorter can be achieved. In practice, this means that the loading time of 15 seconds on PS4 will only require 0.8 seconds for PS5.

PlayStation fans are also happy to hear that new game consoles will be compatible. This means you can continue to play your current P S4 game on the new game console. So you don’t need to buy all the titles of your favorite games anymore, which of course is a big plus.

Release Date:

Regarding the price of the new console, earlier this year the chief architect Sony PS5 reported, the console will get an attractive price, given its sophisticated specifications. Because SSD computers are much more expensive than HDD computers, you can assume that the PS5 will at least be more expensive than the PS4.

Sony PS5 will at least be priced at IDR 8 million and even reach almost IDR 9 million. Sony itself doesn’t want to repeat the same mistakes they made with the PS3. This means they will try to keep the price of the console minimum. After all, a lot of money they can make by purchasing games and services.

The introduction of Sony’s latest game console will likely take place in February 2020, during the PlayStation Meeting 2020. Sony has indicated that the PS5 will not be released in the first half of next year. It is likely that the launch will take place around November 2020. ( Source )

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