Sunbathing at 10 in the morning, Is it right or wrong?

Sunbathing at 10 in the morning
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Sunbathing is a new routine for most Indonesian people during the COVID-19 pandemic. Sunbathing in the morning can make the body get vitamin D intake which serves to increase body immunity. A capable body immunity, which very much needed to protect itself against the body infected with the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, the cause of COVID-19 disease.

Circulating news in the community, that the appropriate recommendation of sunbathing is at 10 am and the duration is done for 15 minutes. Because it considered at 10 o’clock this morning there is the most UV light B. Is that right?

Dr. Ivony Explained:

Explained by Dr. Ivony Moesa, Sp.KK, Specialist Skin and Gender in fact UV A and B rays have been around since sunrise. But the difference, UV A is constant, whereas UV B is not constant, or in other words, there is a curve of the intensity of movement up and down from time to time.

The sun has UV A and B, actually, there are both from the sunrise. UV A is constant throughout the day, for example, in units of five. Want one o’clock in the afternoon until sunset, or whatever time the power is constant. While UV B is moving, starting from the morning the curve rises, “explained doctor Ivony when contacted Tuesday (3/31/2020) via a telephone connection.

Dr. Ivony explained further, the peak curve of the UV B light begins to rise rather high indeed at 10 am and the peak is at 12 to one afternoon.

So the UV B starts from the morning the curve rises, the peak between starting from 10 to 1 pm. Then from 1 o’clock to 2 o’clock, the curves are rather flat, starting from 2 o’clock, it goes down somewhat again. Why do people want to feel right when the curve is at the top, because they want a good dose of UV B, there can be a lot of positives, a few negatives. So for example at 8 o’clock the curves haven’t gone up yet, you need more time to sunbathe. Automatically with a longer time, exposure to UV A also becomes longer, he added.

Determine time:

To determine what time is appropriate for sunbathing, in fact, many factors must be seen. Starting from air pollution, the level of skin pigmentation of each person, weather, time, latitude, altitude, then the height is not only from the location. But also the height of the latitude, because Indonesia is on the equator.

This is also important, depending on the skin pigmentation of each person as well. The average Indonesian person has brownish-yellow skin, too. Melanin formed with the skin, colored skin is a natural sunblock. So the body forms pigmentation that does not make us ugly but actually to protect. The skin is getting white, the sun’s duration is getting shorter. “If I tell the patient so, if the skin is black yes the time is twice that of people with white skin,” explained Dr. Ivony.

When sunbathing, also pay attention to the clothes worn. UV B light can enter the body wearing clothing with tenuous fabric fibers. Plus the matter of color selection, the younger the color of clothes worn, the easier it is for UV B light to enter.

There are a lot of clothes, just logic UV B can get into the body with more and less intertwined threads, the more loose the fabric fibers, the more it can enter. The thinner the material can get in, the color of clothes is also getting younger like white. If it is dark, like dark green, dark blue, black, so there are fewer entries, he added.

If choosing the right time to sunbathe at 10 am as many have been advised so far is this action correct or even wrong? Doctor Ivory answered, no need to panic because this action is not wrong anyway!


It’s okay to sunbathe at 10 o’clock. But, people have a talent for melasma just cover their faces with glasses or sunblock. The most important thing is that their face is protected only by the sun. “I want to sunbathe outside, but he hijab an, yes that was wearing his sparse cloth fiber clothes, the color is young,” advised doctor Ivony.

As for the duration of sunbathing for 15 minutes, Ivony said this duration basically not wrong. But with a note, still, pay attention to the factors that have been explained above.

It’s not wrong, but yes, it’s like I said. What are the clothes, what color is the skin? So do not everyone 15 minutes, yet not too. You’re getting whiter, the time is shorter, and remember you don’t need to get really pinkish. Do not burn, just enough for five to 15 minutes. The surface area of ​​the skin that has been exposed is getting more open (for example, wearing only short pants), which has just hit the back for five minutes with the intensity of that very afternoon, he concluded.

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