The audience leaves Hugo Sierra without Ivana Icardi

The audience leaves Hugo Sierra without Ivana Icardi
Ivana Icardi and Hugo Sierra, in ‘Survivientes 2020’. (Mediaset Spain). Photo: Source

Ivana Icardi has definitely abandoned her adventure in ‘Survivors 2020’. The Argentine has not been able to fight Jorge Perez and has left the contest in one of her lowest moments and when she was once again approaching Hugo Sierra after her tense love break. Hugo, Elena, and Jorge, the new nominees.

The faithful followers of the reality show of Telecinco and Cuatro have cut the contest for Ivana Icardi after three months in Honduras. An exit that has caused tears on the part of her friend Rocío Flores, hugs of peace as with Elena Rodríguez after strong discussions or great compliments by other colleagues on the island, as has been the case with Jorge: ” She has been a great survivor She is a great girl with a big heart. She has proven in tests and in living together to be a true warrior.

Hugo, the one who was her boy until a few weeks ago and who were getting closer again, has also had beautiful words for her that have brought her to the verge of tears: ” Whatever has happened, I will miss her very much. Being here is very difficult. Everything that happened was from the heart.

I don’t have a grudge, I don’t have to. The Argentine has not wanted to leave the Cayos Cochinos without first dedicating some emotional words. With which she has even been on the verge of bursting into tears. I have met incredible people, thank you for letting me know them. Perhaps I have been crazy or have spent any word, I apologize. Keep fighting, there is very little left.

Hugo, Jorge, and Elena nominated:

The nominees’ roster has written the new names this week. Albert Barranco has managed to get immunity as a leader, therefore, the contestants who are exposed this time to the decision of the audience are Jorge Pérez and Hugo Sierra, named by the entire group; and Elena Rodriguez nominated directly by the team captain. Who should leave the island permanently? ( Source )

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