“The clown” became the highest income in the history of the film

“Clown” broke the box office record. At present, the global box office has reached 955 million US dollars (about NT$29 billion), compared with the cost of 65.2 million US dollars (about NT$1.8 billion), which is 15.3 times the cost. It is pointed out that the film is already the most profitable comic book adaptation film, and it is better than the global film history box office champion “The Avengers: The Final Battle”.

According to the foreign media “Forbes”, “The Clown” has become the most popular R-rated film in the history of the film. Now it has become the “Movies of the highest income comics adaptation film”. The previous record-holder is the “Modern” starring Kim Kerry. 

The film is only 23 million US dollars (about NT$ 690 million), but the global box office has a good score of 351 million US dollars (about NT$ 10.6 billion), which is 15.26 times the cost. Other movies include “Vicious Drugs”. The 1989 edition of “Batman” and “The villain hero: the dead waiter “, as for the Marvel movie, including the “Avengers League: The Final Battle”, because the cost and promotion costs are too high, in terms of the revenue at the box office, Did not win the “clown”.

“Clown” not only hits the box office but also hopes to shine in the Oscar season next year. The male lead Vaquin Phoenix is ​​trying to accurately interpret the “clown”. He only eats 1 apple a day and loses 24 kilograms in a very unhealthy way. In order to show the morbid appearance of this classic villain, Wakun’s acting skills were well received after the film was released. At present, it is recognized by foreign media that he will definitely nominate the Oscar winner next year and is expected to pick the first Xiaojin person for him. 

“The Joker” officially became the most profitable comic book adaptation film. Figure / Warner Bros. Photo: Source

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