The Constitutional Court of Bolivia recognizes the interim president

Bolivian Attorney General Lanchipa said on Wednesday that the violent protests erupted in controversial elections have killed seven people.

The Constitutional Court also issued a statement in support of the second vice-president of the Senate, Agnes (formerly translated by Arnes), as the interim president of Bolivia, filling the power vacuum left by former President Morales after his resignation on Sunday.

The Foreign Telegraph reported that the Office of the Attorney General said that in the past 24 hours, the number of people who lost their elections in the Bolivian election has climbed to seven. More than 60 people were reportedly injured and 169 demonstrators were arrested.

Lanchipa said, “We will investigate all case investigations to clarify the truth, find out the people involved and bring them to justice.”

The Constitutional Court of Bolivia issued a statement in support of the 52nd-year-old opposition deputy speaker of the Senate Senate, Asnes, as the interim president of Bolivia.

Onis was declared the new interim president of Bolivia on Tuesday at a congressional meeting that failed to obtain a quorum. Agnes said that he would arrange the general election as soon as possible and promised to take all measures to calm the country. After Arnies announced the appointment of the interim president, the supporters of Morales immediately went to the streets to demonstrate and erupted.

The Constitutional Court quoted the 2001 Constitutional Notice as stating that “the presidency should not be interrupted” and that it should be “according to the facts” and that the next successor in the order of the Constitution should be appointed to this position.

After Anes was recognized by the Constitutional Court as the interim president of the Bolivian country, Lanchipa called on the people to calm down.

Earlier, Morales arrived in Mexico for political asylum. Morales thanked the President of Mexico and the Bolivian people for saving his life. He accused the political opponents of launching a coup, threatening to stay in politics and continue to struggle.

Morales held a brief press conference at the Mexico City airport. He said that he sought political asylum because his wife’s life was threatened. He also said that although he was forced to step down, he was willing to do so to avoid more bloodshed.

For Anes, he was appointed as interim president in the absence of a quorum in Congress. Morales angered this as “the most despicable and evil coup in history. ( Source )

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