Vacation to the Veranda of Mecca, This is the Right Itinerary Reference for you

Never been to vacation in Aceh? No need to hesitate to make the Veranda of Mecca as a tourist destination for long holidays. Banda Aceh has interesting tourist attractions to explore more deeply. Cultural, historical, religious, natural, and culinary tourism destinations are fully presented to meet your vacation needs.

For those who are interested in vacationing in Aceh but are still confused to arrange an agenda, you can make a 3 days 2 nights holiday itinerary, and the following references.

Day 1:
Before traveling, make sure you have booked lodging in Banda Aceh. It’s a good idea, choose accommodation in the heart of the city to facilitate access to transportation to tourist destinations and entertainment centers.

For the first day, there are a number of recommended tourist attractions that you can put on the agenda:

1. Baiturrahman Grand:
Mosque This iconic mosque in Aceh Province should be the first place you visit. The magnificent building has high artistic value. The area around the mosque is fun enough to be a place to relax and hunt for photos.

2. Tsunami Museum:
The Tsunami Museum collects memorabilia of the major tsunami that occurred in 2004. The museum building adopts the unique design of the Aceh House and consists of four floors. At the Tsunami Museum, you can find visualizations of tsunami events, names of victims, and disaster education facilities.

3. Cut Nyak Dien’s:
house Cut Nyak Dien’s house in Aceh today is actually just a replica that is made to look like the original. The original house of Cut Nyak Dien and Teuku Umar has been burned down by the Dutch government. Although only a replica, Rumah Cut Nyak Dien keeps a portrait of the life of this Acehnese female hero from time to time. The position of the furniture inside was made as closely as possible to the original.

Day 2:

Before starting the trip, it never hurts to fill the stomach by visiting some of the following culinary attractions:

1. Food Court Blangpadang:
This culinary center in the city of Banda Aceh is located not far from the Baiturrahman Grand Mosque. In a way, the culinary choices available here are quite complete. You can enjoy Acehnese specialties such as noodles, cooked satay, to various processed seafood.

2. Hasan
Restaurant This legendary restaurant also serves famous culinary delights chicken. After enjoying breakfast, continue your tour to other featured places. If on the first day you visit cultural and historical sites, on the second day it’s time to explore natural attractions. Aceh has a beach that is quite interesting to visit, call it Lhoknga Beach and Lhok Mee which is famous for its blue seawater.

Day 3:
At the end of this holiday, complete the tour by visiting the cultural sites of Taman Sari Gunongan and Rumah Aceh. Both of these places have historical values ​​and traditions that are quite thick. The combination of typical Malay and Middle Eastern architectural art is able to create a religious feeling that is so felt.

Before returning to your hometown, do not forget to buy souvenirs typical of Aceh. One of the most popular souvenir centers in Banda Aceh is located on Jalan Sri Ratu Syafiatuddin, Penang. At the center of souvenirs, you can find mat-sticks, cakes, batik, and Acehnese embroidery bags, to famous gayo coffee.

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