Valeria or how to fall in love with Madrid

Valeria or how to fall in love with Madrid
Valeria. (Netflix). Photo: Source

Valeria is a writer in crisis, both for her novels and for her husband and the emotional distance that separates them. She takes refuge in her three best friends: Carmen, Lola, and Nerea, who support her during her trip, immersed in a whirlwind of emotions about love, friendship, infidelity, family, work, worries, and dreams of the future.

With this premise, today comes to Netflix, May 8, ‘Valeria’, his new Spanish series, adaptation of the successful novels by Elísabet Benavent of the same name. Carried by Diana Gómez (Valeria), Silma López (Lola), Paula Malia (Carmen), Teresa Riott (Nerea), Maxi Iglesias (Victor), Ibrahim A the Shami (Adrian) and Aitor Luna (Sergio), the fiction produced by Plano The shot transports viewers to the bustling streets of Madrid in a sort of ‘Sex in NY’ homeland, which sadly falls with (almost) the entire team in a disastrous first episode.

Personal conflicts:

‘Valeria’ faces the personal conflicts of four friends who are not going through their best moment, either because of their complicated sentimental and family situations or because they do not finish finding their place in the world. Thus, the series explores the jealousy, frustrations, desires, and longings of its protagonists, but it does so through characters that do not finish taking off as a result of the questionable interpretations of its protagonists and scripts that border on embarrassment in various occasions (it’s hard to believe that this scene on the terrace passed the cut in the pilot).

In addition, the aesthetics of the four girls are so diverse that, instead of being representative of their generation, it ends up achieving the opposite purpose: it is artificial, an aspect that does not help to end up empathizing with characters presented as a little mime. But despite these important questions, ‘Valeria’ manages to gradually channel her story with the passage of the episodes, finding both the tone of the performances and that of her script, leaving behind that embarrassment to offer a fiction that she presents in taking advantage of the possibilities of Madrid its great success.

Madrid, the great protagonist:

Although ‘Valeria’ is about the conflicts of these four friends, the great protagonist of the fiction ends up being the setting in which they take place: Madrid. The city permeates each and every one of its sequences, becoming the best asset of the proposal.

Official Trailer:

The heat of the capital in summer, the nightlife of Malasaña, the bustle of Gran Vía, the life of Chueca, the difficulty of finding a flat, the hustle and bustle of public transport, the complicated job prospects … ‘Valeria’ captures the essence from Madrid and takes advantage of it to shape his characters, as the engine of their conflicts and, through his eyes, with all the good and the bad that the city offers them, makes the viewer fall in love with the city.

Each scene:

Playing to find where each scene is located, identifying shops and bars, seeing yourself reflected in their situations, in their daily lives, or soaking up the possibilities of leisure and culture that Madrid offers from the hand of Valeria and her friends is, by far, The most exhilarating aspect of the series as its characters finish finding their voice in a city that gives and takes away from them in equal parts.

At a time when Spanish fiction takes advantage of the particularities of its territory more. And better for the development of its stories (‘Plastic Sea’, ‘The Hunt. Monteperdido’, ‘Hierro’ or ‘Néboa’, to put some examples), ‘Valeria’ takes advantage of Madrid as the constant that shakes the life of its protagonists. The portrait that combines the aspirational aspect of the great city with the misfortunes that life in the metropolis entails. For all this, the future of the series must go through keeping the city at the heart of the story with the same care as in this first season. That is, so far, his greatest success. ( Source )

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