West Ham officials now want the 2019-2020 English League to be finished

West Ham officials now want
Premier League Trophy (Photo: AFP)

West Ham United Vice President Karren Brady previously asked the English League 2019-2020 to canceled due to the Coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19). However, now Brady has changed his mind by stating that the English League can continue until July 2020 if needed.

Brady’s opinion changed after an emergency meeting conducted by the English League clubs on Thursday, March 19, 2020. At that meeting, all English League clubs agreed to complete the campaign this season. As a result, Brady’s thoughts also changed in the meeting.

When we, all the last English League clubs spoke, we agreed to come back again soon. And the game will run into July if needed, to complete this campaign. This is the plan. This is what we want to say, “Brady said, according to the Daily Mail, Saturday (28/03/2020).

Players are not currently in training. And staying at home adheres to the social distance rules that currently apply until April 13, when we hope the training will begin again,” he added.

Meanwhile, the English League clubs will once again hold a meeting to discuss the matter of when the competition will roll out in April 2020. The decision taken will greatly influence by the current condition of the United Kingdom.

According to data as of today Saturday (28/03/2020), there were 14,543 people contracted the Coronavirus in the UK and 759 of them died. Meanwhile, only 135 Britons recover from the virus that attacks the respiratory tract. If conditions in England improve over time, the English League can immediately rollback.

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