Wisconsin opens bars at the point of sentence

Wisconsin opens bars at the point of sentence
Clients of the Somewhere bar in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin (USA) (EFE) ( Photo: Source ).

USA: The Somewhere bar in Fond du Lac opened its doors Thursday. After the Wisconsin Supreme Court rendered the state’s confinement order until the end of May worthless to combat the spread of COVID-19 in the country. Where it has already there are almost 1.5 million infections and 86,000 deaths.

Conservative magistrates imposed their majority in court to overturn the order of Governor Tony Evers. A Democrat, arguing that he “cannot rely indefinitely on the emergency powers.

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After outbreak pandemic:

After the outbreak of the pandemic, Evers decreed confinement until April 24. An order that later extended until May 26, but which the Legislative, controlled by the Republicans, brought to court. They argued in their lawsuit that order with that impact should be agreed between the Executive and the Legislative. The thesis that Justice endorsed this Wednesday.

The political struggle in Wisconsin dates back to January 2019. A year before the pandemic, when Democrats took office as governor. Breaking Republican control of all three branches of power in the state. Since then, Republicans have tried to strip Evers of his powers.

One of the magistrates who dissented from the order on Wednesday. Rebecca Dallet argued that this decision, without a doubt, will become one of the most obvious examples of judicial activism in the history of this court. And it will, he added,  the people of Wisconsin who will pay the price.

In the United States, it has been the states and local entities that have imposed measures. Such as the closure of businesses or confinements against coronavirus. The Donald Trump government, despite lobbying the states for economic and social reopening, has left the final decision in the hands of the governors.

The grip between the Wisconsin Legislative and Supreme against Evers during the pandemic already had its first episode in early April. When magistrates discredited the governor and held local and primary elections.

While many other states delayed those elections until June. The images of long lines of people in Wisconsin breaking the order of confinement to go to vote went around the world.

Wisconsin is one of the least affected states in the country by the COVID-19 pandemic, with 10,902 confirmed cases and 421 deaths to date. ( Source )

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